Yanping Jiang publishes new research

Yanping Jiang Publications

Nicole Swenarton


April 23, 2023

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Nicole Swenarton

Dr. Yanping Jiang, core faculty member at the Center for Population Behavioral Health and instructor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, recently published new research.  

The article, entitled “Resilience-based intervention to promote mental and behavioral health in children,” was published in the Pediatric Clinics of North America in June 2022.   


The resilience framework offers a powerful tool to study how individuals respond to adversity. Intervention efforts building on 40 years of resilience research show promise in promoting mental and behavioral health of children in the context of adversity. This paper provides an overview of resilience and resilience-based interventions on mental and behavioral health in children. The importance of understanding resilience through the lens of the socioecological systems theory is highlighted, and the potential benefit of multilevel interventions in promoting mental and behavioral health is discussed.